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3 Ways to Increase Diversity in the Workplace 

Employers should strive to promote diversity in the workplace because it allows employees to learn from one another and grow as a team. Diverse teams are able to contribute unique ideas which can lead to more creative problem-solving and as a result, increased productivity. As diversity becomes an increasingly important business goal to achieve, it may be difficult to set your company apart. Consider the following ideas as an employer aiming to boost diversity during the hiring process.  

  1. Promote a Diverse Company Culture

 As an employer, your brand strategy is crucial when aiming to increase diversity because employers need to be able to attract employees of all backgrounds. According to Miranda Brookins at Chron.com, diversity in the workplace “…has to do with more than race or ethnicity. Diverse workplaces are composed of employees with varying characteristics including, but not limited to, religious and political beliefs, gender, ethnicity, education, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, and geographic location.” Employers should brand themselves as a company that is accepting of people of all backgrounds and this can be accomplished in ways such as implementing diversity training for current employees, practicing hiring efforts that aren’t biased towards a specific type of person, and also creating a culture that is inclusive and refreshing which will simultaneously separate your brand from its competition. 

  1. Referrals from Diverse Employees

The most obvious way to find more diverse employees is to start at the source–ask current diverse employees for referrals. Not only does this show trust between employers and employees, but it also gives room for more reliable hires because the referral is someone an employee knows and/or has worked with in the past. This helps increase diversity because people naturally tend to refer others that are similar to themselves. As a result, a large diverse team is able to be built by networking from a small group of employees. 

  1. Introduce an AI Job Matching Tool

New hiring tactics are always on the rise and one of up and coming technologies being utilized in the industry is artificial intelligence. AI is powerful in the way it relies on machine learning to generate results, solve problems, and meet goals by analyzing data. Since AI relies on data to perform, it is a great option to consider for increasing diversity because machine learning is not biased and will not produce the same type of results (i.e. candidates) every time. Thus, a job matching tool is able to suggest the best possible candidates for a job opening regardless of their background, giving everyone a level playing field. The Pinch AI job matching tool specifically analyzes candidate resumes, giving anyone with the right job experience and/or skills the opportunity to be the perfect match. In this way, machine learning can boost diversity by choosing from a larger and more diverse pool of candidates.