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Is AI the Future of Recruitment? 

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly prominent in our society whether or not we are aware of it. We see AI in our daily lives, for example, when an iPhone user asks Siri to make a phone call using a simple verbal command. In other cases, AI is unknowingly affecting people in the way we see movie recommendations on Netflix or even targeted advertisements when scrolling through social media platforms. With AI on the rise in our daily lives, it only seems natural for it to enter the workplace. 

The workplace has a lot to gain from artificial intelligence specifically in the way it can aid in recruitment and hiring practices. Why recruit harder, when you can recruit smarter? The advancement of AI in recent years is making waves in recruitment because of the unique ways it is able to streamline the sourcing process, target more qualified candidates, and ultimately allows companies to hire candidates in a smaller time frame.  

Sourcing Made Easier 

Sourcing is a time consuming and monotonous aspect of recruitment, but machine learning can expedite this process by analyzing data and predicting the best available matches to source from. This will boost candidate search efforts at the very beginning and result in a better pool of candidates to search through in less time. 

Quality over Quantity 

A common problem many recruiters encounter when searching for candidates is how to differentiate who is a better match to a specific job when they all have the same job title and skills. AI can alleviate this problem by “reading” candidate resumes and analyzing who is more qualified, which in the long run will lead to more accurate job matches. 

Beat the Competition 

Urgency is the key factor in recruiting—how can your company find, submit, and hire the best candidates quicker than your competition? Adding AI to the mix speeds up the entire process leading to a faster and more reliable hire. 

Consider utilizing an artificial intelligence job matching tool in your next job search. From a job seeker’s point of view, searching through job boards for your next career opportunity can be a discouraging and stressful task. Allowing technology to act as a personal recruiter can make the process a much more enjoyable and gratifying experience. As companies begin to introduce AI into their recruiting efforts, you may be the perfect match they are looking for.